Can scientists alter human DNA? “Jawdropping breakthrough hailed as landmark in fight against hereditary diseases”

“Claim: Scientists now able to alter human DNA”
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“A breakthrough in genetics – described as “jaw-dropping” by one Nobel scientist – has created intense excitement among DNA experts around the world who believe the discovery will transform their ability to edit the genomes of all living organisms, including humans.
For the first time, scientists are able to engineer any part of the human genome with extreme precision using a revolutionary new technique called Crispr, which has been likened to editing the individual letters on any chosen page of an encyclopedia without creating spelling mistakes. The landmark development means it is now possible to make the most accurate and detailed alterations to any specific position on the DNA of the 23 pairs of human chromosomes without introducing unintended mutations or flaws, scientists said”

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Scientists Revolutionize Creation of Genetically Altered Mice to Model Human Disease

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“This breaks down the definition of model organism,” says Wang, a postdoctoral researcher in Jaenisch’s lab. “So now, even with limited resources, any animal with established embryo manipulation procedures could be the subject of genome engineering. With many of the animals’ genomes that have been sequenced, we could use this technology to establish efficient genetic manipulations in more species, to study the unique biology of each, and to learn more about evolution.”

Thus, Wang, Yang, and Shivalila have used CRISPR/Cas to create mouse models only, but the team is excited broaden its application to other animals.


World’s First Genetically-Modified Babies Born in the United States

Has anyone else seen other articles about this, or anything on TV news?


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Shakespeare Stored in DNA Files


Why this book? Why now?

The masses of the world are woefully ignorant of what they will soon confront, totally unprepared for what is soon coming.

Humans will either cease to exist, or be unrecognizable as a God-created species.

What on Earth is going on?  That which heretofore existed only in the imaginations of science fiction writers is now scientific fact.  Glow-in-the-dark pigs?  Ordinary pigs’ DNA combined with glow-in-the-dark jelly fish DNA.  A cow giving human milk?  That cow is part human!

Every living thing has DNA:  humans, animals, plants, reptiles, sea creatures, insects, bacteria, viruses.  DNA: the mechanism which stores all of the genetic information that makes each living creature unique.  Scientists are splicing genes of one living creature into embryos of a different living creature, creating new life forms.

Coming advancements in computer technology will soon allow computers to be interfaced with genetically-enhanced human bodies and brains, creating some kind of post-human species.

Considering all of the UFO movies, documentaries and propaganda available, are we being “desensitized” to the possibility there could be a “UFO connection” in our future, as well?

Uncontrolled use of various technologies will bring out the dark side of human nature.  All living things can, and will, have their DNA exchanged to form some new, unheard-of creature or humanoid.

All these things (and many more) are converging toward the destruction of life as we know it on Earth unless God intervenes.

DNA is Directly Photographed for the First Time