Bible Prophecy Teaching Videos

02/26/21 — UPDATE

Mr. Hildreth has 48 years of Bible teaching experience. As we find ourselves living in the Last Days — according to God’s Word — his teaching, as God leads, is Biblically-accurate and very relevant to these times. What does the Bible teach that can help you navigate these current times? What prophecy has already been fulfilled, and what is yet to come? There is also teaching about “Who is Jesus?” “Know Your Enemy” and several other topics.

You will discover a tremendous amount of solid Bible teaching in this series of one-hour videos.

BELOW IS A LINK TO THE “CONVERGENCE” FACEBOOK PAGE WHERE ALL TEACHING VIDEOS CAN BE VIEWED (45 one-hour videos to date). Please note: You do not need a Facebook ID/password to view the videos through this link. Underneath the Convergence color banner at the top, you’ll see several lines of links you can click on. Locate the link that says VIDEOS and click on it. Then you can scroll down the videos in order to reach the beginning teaching video, dated 03/24/20. The videos currently display on the page in the order of latest to earliest.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the time being, we plan to leave all the videos on the CONVERGENCE Facebook page, while we work on uploading them all to another platform. After those uploads begin, and the first several are available for viewing, we will provide a link here to that other platform. In the meantime, as long as Facebook doesn’t delete the CONVERGENCE page, the videos will all be available to watch through the Facebook link above to the CONVERGENCE page.