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MAY 2021: READ CONVERGENCE!  RELEVANT, IMPORTANT INFO YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW! Our world is changing rapidly…what in the world is going on?  Since this book was originally released, it has proven to be true in its content: these things have been coming to pass and continue to do so rapidly! Watch the trailer just below.  This book has gained plenty of interest…with each passing day these topics play out in headlines from around the world!  Comments from readers:  “Couldn’t put it down” “Everyone needs to read this book” “Awesome book”  “Very important book” “Thanks for writing it” “I’m just finishing [this] new book … and it’s INCREDIBLE.”  “It was fantastic.  Your insight about bringing so many happenings together and seeing the big picture is greatly appreciated.”  “It’s great! Great! Great!”   “Totally intrigued”

Softcover and eBook currently available from: http://www.amazon.com and http://www.BarnesandNoble.com

(NOTE: As of April 10, 2014, Convergence is published by Trusted Books: Deep River Books. The video above was produced by the original publisher, Winepress, no longer in business; the end of the video still reflects “Winepress Productions”)

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WHY THIS BOOK?  WHY NOW?  The masses of the world are woefully ignorant of what they will soon confront, totally unprepared for what is soon comingHumans will either cease to exist, or be unrecognizable as a God-created species.  What on Earth is going on?  That which previously existed only in the imaginations of science fiction writers is now scientific fact.  Every living thing has DNA … the mechanism which stores all of the genetic information that makes each living creature unique.  Scientists are splicing genes of one living creature into embryos of a different living creature, creating new life formsThese things (and many more) are converging toward the destruction of life as we know it on Earth (Read more under “Why this book? Why now?”)  See “Contact/Disclaimer” tab for author contact info.


  1. Lew, this book is an enlightening trip thru the past, the present and the future. The Biblical passages emphasize the CONVERGENCE of TRUTH as historic proof. Thanks, Bill

  2. Lew will be at the Alive Vineyard of Licking County (7602 Stewart Road, Newark, OH) on Sunday, February 10th to introduce the book and for a book signing! Spread the word and come join us at 10:00 AM This is a must read!

  3. Woohoo!! How exciting! We can’t wait to get the book and read it. God bless,

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