Month: July 2014

Controversial US scientist creates deadly new flu strain for pandemic research

Recent earthquakes M6+

July 7: 6.9 quake, Mexico-Guatamala border; 5 deaths.  Other recent large quakes: 6.3, Vanuatu (July 8); 6.6, Papua New Guinea (July 4); 6.3, SE of Raoul Island, New Zealand (July 3)

The fireworks inside us all

The cells contain the chromosomes, which house the DNA, which house the genes….which house the genetic information. Information is neither mass, nor energy, like all of the above. So where does the information come from?  — Convergence of Truth contributing writer comments

The Era of Chimeras: Scientists Fearlessly Create Bizarre Human/Animal Hybrids

“Did you know that scientists are creating cow/human hybrids, pig/human hybrids and even mouse/human hybrids?  This is happening every single day in labs all over the western world, but most people have never even heard about it. ”

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Greetings from Earth! NASA Spacecraft to Carry Message for Aliens

“A NASA probe that’s expected to leave the solar system after it finishes its mission at Pluto and beyond will carry a message intended for any alien life-form that comes across it in the far future.”

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Are attacks being planned/rehearsed on the US power grid?

“On June 9, al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), used rocket-propelled grenade launchers and mortars to destroy transmission towers, plunging the whole of Yemen into blackout. The AQAP blackout of Yemen’s electric grid has gone largely unreported.

Yemen, a nation of 24 million, is an important U.S. ally in the war on terrorism and has been the scene of some of the most significant episodes of that war. AQAP, based in Yemen, is notorious for its aggressive and ingenious terror operations against the United States. …. ” (See article for more)


News from around the World: “Mass Fish Deaths” …

US Population Defenseless Against Lab Created Super Flu