Month: March 2013

Tiny computer inside the body could treat disease

Taiwan: 6.0 Earthquake

Dirty Bomb Material Secured at Site in Philadelphia

Website editor’s note: This article contains some good info about “dirty bombs” … what they are, what they aren’t. Here’s an excerpt:

“Dirty bombs are far easier to construct than nuclear bombs and do not use fissile material such as enriched uranium or plutonium. Extracting plutonium requires a reactor and enriching uranium is no easy task. Dirty bombs (security forces all them “radiation dispersal devices”) use conventional explosives such as car bombs to scatter radioactive materials through a densely populated area.

The physical damage is limited and the threat of dying from radiation exposure very small with such a device. But a dirty bomb would cause extensive economic damage and social upheaval while instilling panic and fear in civilians.”

The first person to reach 150 is already alive…–soon-live-THOUSAND-claims-scientist.html

Immortal Line of Cloned Mice Created

Locust Swarms Descent on Egypt

There are many stories out online about the plague of locusts in Egypt, this is just one. The plague is very interesting … certainly devastating for Egyptian crops. We need to note, however, that from all info we can gather thus far, that Israel is not “panicking” over this as many news stories have indicated. Rather they took swift and decisive action, which is certainly wise and practical. Apparently this locust plague was also in Sudan in mid-February. Not sure what the Egyptian reaction was at that time, or if perhaps the number of locusts increased so rapidly (and perhaps inexplicably?) that there was no time for real preparation.

Big Asteroid to Zoom by Earth This Weekend

Plight of the American Bumblebee: Disappearing?