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Singularity University and the exponential technologies changing our world

Musk-Backed Group Probes Risks Behind Artificial Intelligence – Bloomberg Business

“Musk, Stephen Hawking and other public intellectuals are concerned that AI systems are developing faster than a regulatory framework to ensure they don’t wipe out the human race.”

via Musk-Backed Group Probes Risks Behind Artificial Intelligence – Bloomberg Business.

What Really Scares Tech Leaders About Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence helps mold future of genomics: J. Craig Venter

Artificial Intelligence helps mold future of genomics

Apr. 22, 2015 – 6:58 – J. Craig Venter Institute CEO J. Craig Venter discusses human longevity and where science is taking us.

12 Risks That Threaten Human Civilisation

This page link provides the list of 12 risks, with other information.  It also provides links to the report summary and the full report.

Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Life

Investor rush to artificial intelligence is real deal