2012 is drawing to a close … A challenge!

2012 is drawing to its close…many things have happened in our world since this year began…much that impacted mankind in many ways (perhaps not even evident yet), and much that will go into the history books.  With all the talk of the Mayan calendar ending on December 21, 2012, and thus possibly the “end of the world,” the world yet remains.  We remain.  But what will happen in 2013? No human can predict that with certainty!
          Yet “CONVERGENCE” can give you a clear picture of what has already happened, and what is likely coming soon…in 2013, and beyond. Things that will impact all of mankind!  Challenge:  Read it! (it really doesn’t take long) Then decide for yourself what you will believe.  Perhaps you will find we humans really do have huge challenges ahead of us … how will you react when those challenges manifest themselves?  How have you reacted to the challenges that have already happened in recent years?  Should not other people know about the things this book talks about … because their lives will also be impacted?  Think about it…here comes 2013!